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Government Resource Planning System “Mawared”

  • Topics : Employment and Workplace
  • Audience : Government

The Government Resource Planning System “Mawared” was created to be part of the strategic plan of the Integrated Government (i-Gov) Program in Qatar.

Mawared is considered to be one of the most important initiatives in the i-Gov Program. Its aim is to enhance the interaction between all government entities in managing government resources.

Mawared brings leading-edge Human Capital Management (HCM) solution to empower the government entities to maximize workforce potential and improve HR services.

Mawared Objectives:

  • Employ the latest technologies in information systems to facilitate government action.
  • Create a central database for state employees for the benefit of all stakeholders, and determine a uniform data structure as well as ensure its continuous updates.
  • Support the government entities to attract and retain the right qualified people, develop and leverage their talents, and to retain top performers.
  • Automate talent management and other HR processes, such as time management and payroll.

Mawared supports the following key business activities:

Workforce Analytics

  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of human resources management.
  • Enable decision-makers and HR officials and government entities executives to make well-informed decisions.

Talent Management

Continue to achieve the objectives of the government continuously through alignment of the workforce with organizational goals and finding the best qualified candidates for the job.


  • Provide an end-to-end solution for the entire recruiting process.
  • Reduce time to hire.
  • Build strong long-term-relationships with potential employees.

Performance Management

Enable consistent achievement of government objectives by aligning the workforce to support management objectives.

Managing Self-Services

  • Ensure speed and accuracy in decision-making by providing a direct and quick access to information and data, such as key performance indicators and warnings and information analytical and statistical reports.
  • Reduce the periods of time required in budget preparation and hiring processes.

Employee Self- Service

  • Raise the level of efficiency and function of productivity by enabling employees to access data through online portal.
  • Improve productivity through the application of an automated system for human resources operations (not paper).

Through Mawared you can also exploit the following advantages:

  • Analyzing related  to planning, monitoring and measurement.
  • The overall operations that help make informed decisions in a quick and effective ways.
  • Linking the costs of training and employment business results.
  • Re-using data to improve HR processes.
  • Transparency in the performance of human resources.

Support Center

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Hotline 44069997
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