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Offline Services

Request to Issue Fish Transport Permit

  • Topics : Environment and Agriculture, Business and Finance, Visas and Official Documents
  • Audience : Individuals, Business

Owners of fishing ships or boats, as well as owners of shops selling fresh fish, may submit a request to the Fisheries Department to obtain a fish transport permit valid inside Qatar only.

Offline Instructions

  • Visit the Office of the Fisheries Department or a government services complex.
  • Submit the following documents:
  • Valid Small Craft Registration Certificate (issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communications)
  • Copy of QID of ship or boat owner
  • Copy of QID of applicant
  • Certificate of Inspection for Fish Transport or Export Means
  • Copy of license of vehicle requiring inspection (the vehicle shall be registered under the owner’s name)
  • Certified vehicle lease contract (in case of leasing a vehicle)
  • Copy of fishing license (for fishing boats only)
  • Copy of commercial registration and commercial license (for companies)
  • Pay appropriate fees.

Service Center

  • Office of the Fisheries Department – Al Khor branch
  • Government Services Complex

Additional Information

  • The Ministry of Municipality and Environment clarifies on its website the process plan of the service in detail and in the form of a work plan.
  • This service can be obtained immediately.
  • For more information about this service, please visit the service page on MME website.


A fee of QR50 applies.

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