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Offline Services

QDB Home Construction Funding

  • Topics : Religion and Community, Housing, Business and Finance
  • Audience : Individuals

It is a loan of up to 1.2 million QR granted to a Qatari national as per regulations issued by the Department of Housing in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The monthly installment is QR 3,365 over 35 years, to be collected two years after signing the loan agreement, or upon receipt of the full amount, whichever is earlier.

Offline Instructions

  • Download and fill out the application form, The submit it to QDB Housing Loans Department
  • Attach copy of personal ID card.
  • Original muniment of the property and accompanying plans.
  • Bank guarantee from the bank in which the customer deposits his or her wages.
  • Copy of architectural drawings (A01) certified by Construction Planning.
  • Copy of valid construction permit.
  • An undated warranty check in the amount of the down payment (warranty amount of QR 150,000) made out to QDB.

In case of death:

  • Identification of Heirs.
  • Authorization by the persons whose names are listed in the Identification of Heirs of the applicant.
  • Letter from the Authority for Minors Affairs for cases in which minors are involved.

Service Center

QDB Housing Loans Department.

Additional Information

  • You can ask QDB Housing Loans Department for an instalment.
  • The customer is entitled to a property grant of 50,000 QR to be disbursed by the Ministry of Finance and Economy upon written request from the Department of Housing.


The customer incurs a fee of 1% for the loan, totaling a maximum of QR 213,549.

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QDB Tadqeeq Service

This service offers startups and SMEs, owned by Qatari entrepreneurs seeking support in recording transactions and developing financial reports, accounting & bookkeeping services and annual audit and taxation services via specialized local and international firms. QDB contributes by covering up to 50% of the service cost.


QDB launched the TASDEER program, in 2011, to promote exports from Qatar in international markets, and provide export credit guarantees and financial solutions to mitigate the risks imposed on local exporters.

QDB Tips and Advices

QDB provides you with certain tips and advices that guide you when dealing with your contractor.

QDB Export Insurance

This service offers Qatari exporters protection from risks imposed by overseas buyers. Export insurance provides two types of export credit insurance: pre-shipment risk cover and post-shipment risk cover.