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Request Approval for Listing Increased Capital Shares of Existing Shareholders

  • Topics : Business and Finance
  • Audience : Business

This service enables businesses to request approval from Qatar Financial Market Authority (QFMA) on listing increased capital shares of existing shareholders.

Online Instructions

  • Login through clicking on the lock sign in the left side at the top of the information page.
  • Fill out the mandatory fields in the online application form, and attach the following required documents:
  • Commercial register of the company after the increase
  • Approval of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry on the capital increase process and the procedures followed during the underwriting and allocation process
  • Invitation to shareholders to subscribe in both Arabic and English
  • Minutes of the extraordinary general assembly meeting of the company indicating the company's shareholders approval of the capital increase process
  • Acknowledgment in the Arabic language of the external auditor of the validity of the subscription process, in accordance with the legislation in force in this regard
  • Acknowledgment from the Offering Director in the Arabic language, including sufficient and detailed information on the subscription and allocation processes in the first and second stages and the validity of the procedures followed in accordance with the legislation in force in this regard as well as the company's articles of association
  • Qatar Central Bank approval of the increase for banks and institutions subject to it
  • Excel file showing subscription information
  • Agree to the conditions of the service and submit your application.


No fees are required for this service.

Additional Information

  • Upon completion of the application, an email will be sent to the applicant.
  • You can also submit the application via QFMA mobile app, kiosks, and service centers.
  • For more details, please scroll down in the information page until you find the relevant information about this service, which is the second service showing on the page.

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