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Winter Camping Request

  • Topics : Environment and Agriculture, Tourism, Sports and Recreation, Visas and Official Documents
  • Audience : Individuals

Citizens may submit a request to the Protection and Wildlife Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) to obtain permits for camping on land or sea, provided that they follow the terms and safety measures of camping. This follows the announcement on the start of registration for the winter camping season on MME website.

Online Instructions

  • Login to the Winter Camping Reservation System, entering your QID and cell phone number.
  • Select camp type (land or sea), and select the area where you wish to camp.
  • Pay appropriate fees online, then print the camp sign and the receipt.

Offline Instructions

  • Visit a government services complex or any of the places specified by MME for registration.
  • Provide all required documents and information.
  • Pay appropriate fees.


  • Camping permit fees vary according to the camping locations. For more information, please check the Winter Camping Schedule 2020-2021.
  • A security deposit fee of QR10,000 applies, and it is redeemable in case of no violations.

Additional Information

  • Registration is also available on iphone devices via "Oun" mobile app or at any of the places specified by the ministry.
  • QID and cell phone numbers must be of the same person.
  • A security deposit is paid online or via a banking card at a government services complex or the customer service offices of the municipalities.
  • If the security deposit is not paid within three days of approval, the applicant is deemed canceled, and re-registration is required.
  • The security deposit fee is redeemed only in case of any violations.
  • For more details, please check the service information page on MME website.


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