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Please download the guide to learn about scholarship programs offered by the Higher Education Authority and other services.

Student Advising Guide for Scholarship Programs

  • Topics : Education and Training
  • Audience : Individuals

The Student Advising Guide for Scholarship Programs (2013-2014), issued by the Advising Career Development Centre of the Higher Education Institute (HEI) at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) aims to introduce students to information about scholarship programs as well as “Hamad bin Khalifa” and “Tamim bin Hamad” grants, provided by HEI and other services, including orientation about the principles, objectives and vision of HEI represented in "Promoting Opportunities for Excellence" and other subjects.

Advising Services

The guide sheds light on the advising services provided by HEI through Advising and Career Service to all students, either entrants to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education's universities or others who wish to join HEI's scholarships.


The guide includes MOEHE university scholarship programs, the conditions and requirements for admission to each program, including graduate studies, post-graduate studies, North Atlantic programs, Secondary Schools programs, and requirements for joining some of these programs.

Official Documents

The guide stipulates the required official documents from students to apply for various scholarships. It also focuses on "Hamad bin Khalifa" and "Tamim bin Hamad" scholarships, the requirements for admission and the financial and in-kind incentives provided to students who join these scholarships.

Additional Information

For more information please call at: 44560700.

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