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Search for Schools in Qatar

  • Topics : Education and Training, Religion and Community
  • Audience : Individuals

This service helps parents determine the school that they can enroll their child at per the academic level and according to the geographical location of the school, and the student’s residence address that is decided per the electricity number.

You can search for the school using electricity number, grade, name, and location.

Online Instructions

  • Access the Ministry of Education and Higher Education website and click on "Our Services".
  • Click on "Search for a Public School (Where is My School?) under "Public Education Services".
  • Choose “Recommend School” if you wish to search for nearby schools based on the Electricity Number of the Residence.
  • Choose “Find School” if you wish to search for schools based on the Academic Level and the Students Type (Male-Female).
  • Choose “Landmark” if you wish to search for schools based on its nearness of a unique landmark.
  • Choose “Find by Zone” if you wish to search for schools based on the blue plate of the residence.


No fees are required for this service.

Additional Information

  • If you are not sure about the correct name of the school you are looking for you can search by clicking "Print Catchments".
  • You can also search for schools near metro stations by clicking on "Rail".


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