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Offline Services

Request Approval to Increase Fees for Private Educational Facility

  • Topics : Education and Training, Business and Finance
  • Audience : Business

Private schools and preschools can submit a request to the private schools licensing department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) to increase the school fees that it gets. The department then look at requests and provide its recommendation to the private schools committee to make decisions about it. 

Offline Instructions

  • Visit the private schools licensing department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and fill out the application form while attaching the following documents, taking into consideration the following criteria:
  • The school or preschool should commit to providing its own financial audited data and release it per the approved form from the Ministry. 
  • The school or preschool should have been licensed to at least four years minimum.
  • The school or preschool should not be engaged in another commercial activities. 
  • Copies of Financial reports should be attatched only in Arabic.
  • Financial reports should not be related to another commercial trade.
  • Financial reports should not be related to another branch (in case the schools has more than one branch) 
  • Private schools and preschools should prepare the evidence and supporting documents to the financial data when requested.
  • Provide documents explaining the rationale for the requested increase. 
  • Attach certified copy of the approved fees for the previous academic year.
  • Submit copy of written approvals or disapprovals to fee increase for the previous three years.

Service Center Location

Private Schools Licensing Department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (View Google Map).

Additional Information

  • Applications should be submitted per the specified timing that are previously set by the specialized department at the Ministry.
  • Submitting the application does not mean the approval to increase the fees to the suggested amount by the school or preschool.
  • The fees increase is applicable per the specified and approved points.
  • The procedure of studying the request to increase fees may involve certain procedure which may include requesting particular documents that proof the authenticity of the financial reports or conducting visits by to the school or the preschool by the MOEHE financial team.
  • Please visit the Private Schools Licensing Department page for more information.


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