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Register Students in Government Schools

  • Topics : Education and Training, Religion and Community
  • Audience : Individuals

Parents can register their children online in government schools for the next academic year. They can also select the nearest school to their homes.

The registration system of the government schools enables the registration of students by the school, and the follow-up on the students enrolled by their parents, besides enabling the educational institute to track the registration of students, whether they were enrolled by their parents or by the school. The system shows the school capacity, number of enrolled students, and vacant places instantly.

Online Instructions

  • Create parent account on the government schools website of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE).
  • Follow the instructions in the video tutorial available on the MOEHE YouTube channel.
  • Attach all the required documents and submit your request.

Additional Information

  • The parent shall declare that all information submitted during the registration process is correct, otherwise he/she will face legal liability issues.
  • An SMS, including the receipt number, will be sent on the parent's mobile number confirming the successful temporary registration.
  • The parent shall visit the school within three (3) days from the online temporary registration date, and submit all the necessary documents to complete the actual registration process.
  • You can check the registration timelines for the various categories of students.
  • For more details, please check the service information page on MOEHE website.
  • For any inquiries or complaints, parents can visit the Information Center at MOEHE Tower or call the hotline number 155.

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