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This service allows parents to submit an admission application to enroll their daughters at Qatar Technical Secondary School for Girls.


Register at Qatar Technical Secondary School for Girls

  • Topics : Education and Training
  • Audience : Individuals

Qatar Technical Secondary School for Girls is one of the first specialized technical schools for girls that adopts an educational plan including teaching students a variety of technical specialization subjects that prepare them for the following career tracks:

  • Specialization of Lab Technician.
  • Specialization of Electronics and Communications. 
  • Specialization of Information Technology.

The school also teaches Islamic studies, Arabic language, mathematics, English Language, chemistry, physics, biology, social studies, and physical education subjects.

Online Instructions

  • The female student's parent should login to the registration link, fill out the required details, and submit the below documents to the school when the nomination request has been approved:
  • A copy of female student's QID card. 
  • A To Whom it May Concern Certificate issued from Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation "KAHRAMAA" or provide the electricity bill that indicates the parent's house electricity number. 
  • A certificate issued from the employer of student's parent. 
  • 9th grade passing certificate (original final report) pertaining to female student. 
  • (4) Updated personal photographs of female student. 
  • A copy of valid passport of female student. 
  • A copy of health card of female student. 
  • A copy of birth certificate of female student. 
  • A female student's health file to be submitted at the beginning of the upcoming academic year.
  • A copy of parent's QID card. 
  • Bank Account Number (For Qatari females only) when the student is enrolled in the school.


No fees are required for this service.

Additional Information

  • Students who are transferred from private schools to public schools must have their educational certificates equated by the Certificates Equivalency Section affiliated with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) on the Ministry website.
  • Enrollment in the school is incomplete until the students submit all the required documents on paper once the school year and their attendance begin.
  • The school accepts Qatari students as well as 20% of residents' children who were born in in the State of Qatar, in case they meet the admission requirements.
  • The percentage mark of student's educational achievement must not be less than 80% in the last academic report, provided that she got 80% and above in mathematics, sciences, and English subjects.
  • The student must pass the placement test and the personal interview for final admission.

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