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This service allows residents who are parents working in the private and semi-government sectors, as well as those who are not working and cannot register their children in government schools to submit an Enrollment Exception Request. 


Exception to Enroll Children of Private Sector Employees/Unemployed in Gov. Schools

  • Topics : Education and Training, Religion and Community, Employment and Workplace
  • Audience : Individuals, Business

This service allows residents who are parents working in the private and semi-government sectors, as well as those who are not working and cannot register their children in government schools to submit an Enrollment Exception Request.

In order to be exempted the parent should be one of the residents of the external areas in the country and based on the annual circulars announced by MOEHE.

The parent can also submit more than one request in case the students are twins, and the age of the student applied for should not be less than six years old.

The school recommendation is done based on the vacancies available atMOEHE specified schools.

Application submission is open until May 23,2020.

Online Instructions

  • Access the service page provided by the Schools Affairs Department at MOEHE.
  • Create a new user account or login.
  • Choose the student that you would like to apply for from the previously identified children list on the National Student Information System (NSIS).
  • You can also add a new student by clicking on “Add New Student” and entering the required details and clicking “Save”.
  • Select the Son or the Daughter you would like to request the exception for under “Applications Submission”.
  • Complete the application details in the “First Step” which includes: the Student’s QID number, Full name in English and Arabic, P.O Box, Mobile Number, Gender, Date of Birth, Nationality, Name of School, Current Grade, and Academic Curriculum, then Attach the last Student’s grade report.
  • Complete the application details in the “Second Step” which includes: zone number, street number, building number, "KAHRAMAA" number, total salary, and whether the applicant is a tenant or not, along with the rent amount in the “Rent Value” field.
  • Attach the following documents:
  • Student and Parents' QID copy (front and back) attached in one document not exceeding 2 MB
  • Recent stamped and signed letter from the employer stating the job title and the parent's total salary
  • Bank account statement or certificate that shows the last three months salary transactions issued before the applicants submission date
  • Student’s birth certificate
  • Tenant’s valid rent contract or "KAHRAMAA" certificate
  • Support and divorce certificates from an approved legal entity in case of the parents' divorce
  • Complete the application details in the “Third Step” and choose the appropriate “Mother Status” from the selection menu.
  • Click on “Submit Application”.


No fees are required for this service.

Additional Information

  • You will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number and email in case your application was accepted or rejected and based on the reference number before the beginning of the school year.
  • You can get in touch with the technical support team if you face any technical issues relating to the application system on
  • You can watch the instructional video for the steps how to submit the exception request as well as the user guide.
  • You can also check the service related FAQs for more information.

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