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Please fill out the required information to renew your driving license.

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Request to Renew Driving License

  • Topics : Visas and Official Documents, Transportation
  • Audience : Individuals

Applicants can renew their own driving licenses or the driving license owned by any person under their personal sponsorships through Ministry of Interior online website. This service is available for Qataris and residents holding smart ID cards.

Online Instructions

  • Login with your smartcard to the e-services portal of MOI.
  • Select "Traffic Services" then "Renew Driving License".
  • Select whether to renew your driving license or that of another sponsored person.
  • View the driving license information.
  • Specify new driving license delivery option.
  • Pay due fees and print receipt.

Additional Information

  • A driving license may be renewed only within six months ahead of or upon its expiry date.
  • This service may be obtained only for civilian light vehicle driving licenses.
  • You can also renew the driving license through Metrash2.


The following fees apply to renew a driving license:

  • QR500 for Qataris (ten years), in addition to QR20 delivery fees (if applicable).
  • QR250 for residents (five years), in addition to QR20 delivery fees (if applicable).

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