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Enter the customs clearance single window to perform an HS code search or calculate duty. Login is required for further access to e-services.

NAS Login, E-Service

Customs Clearance Single Window “Al-Nadeeb”

  • Topics : Business and Finance, Transportation
  • Audience : Business

All goods crossing the customs border of Qatar are subject to customs clearance and control. Shipping agents are required by law to present a manifest to the customs authority at the border point. 

Importers and clearing agents may check for information about tariffs and calculate duty through the General Authority of Customs' online Customs Clearance Single Window “Al-Nadeeb”.

Registered login users, including approved trade brokers, importers and exporters, may perform a number of other tasks online, including:

  • View, modify, activate and suspend users
  • Access customs data and records
  • Make duty payments
  • Complete customs paperwork, including customs declaration and manifest
  • View and modify company details

Application Process

Follow these steps to register for a Customs Clearance Single Window login:

  • Download and fill out the application form.
  • Attach all required documents including:
  • Commercial Registration copy
  • Establishment ID copy
  • Authorized Signatory ID copy
  • Administrative Supervisor ID copy
  • Customs Clearance License copy
  • Commercial License copy
  • Submit the application along with the necessary documents to the General Authority of Customs, and receive the customs code.
  • Click on “Login to Al Nadeeb” on Al Nadeeb website using the Smart Card or the Username on Hukoomi portal. In case there is no user account on Hukoomi portal, the user should register on the portal.

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