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Please view KAHRAMAA customer service centers (addresses, services, working hours and contact information).

KAHRAMAA Customer Service Centers

  • Topics : Housing, Business and Finance
  • Audience : Individuals, Business

Subscribers can view detailed addresses, provided services, working hours and contact information for all KAHRAMAA service centers through its website. There are six centers distributed over different areas in the State of Qatar as follow:

  • Al-Khor Service Center.
  • Musheireb Service Center.
  • Al-Doha Service Center.
  • Khalifa Service Center.
  • Al-Wakrah Service Center.
  • Salwa Service Center.

Additional Information

You can also view KAHRAMAA customer service centers using its mobile application through this link.

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Send Suggestions To KAHRAMAA

Customers can send their suggestions and comments on how to improve the provided services to KAHRAMAA.

Activate Your KAHRAMAA Account

Individuals want to activate their KAHRAMAA accounts, should visit any of KAHRAMAA service centers, and show their QIDs.

Request Wastewater Removal (Sewage Removal)

Individuals may submit a request to the Services Affairs Department to remove wastewater from the septic holes that are not connected to the primary house sewage system.

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Pay your electricity and water bills