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Information Services

Transport Deceased Person

  • Topics : Religion and Community, Visas and Official Documents
  • Audience : Individuals

The Qatari mission abroad supports the family of the deceased to transport the person’s body home after completing all the required procedures.

Using the Service

  • Family of the deceased report the person’s death to the nearest Qatari mission abroad.
  • The mission takes the required action to transport the body to Qatar, and the original passport and authorized death-related documents are to be attached, according to the system of each country.
  • The Consular Affairs Department is then informed about the arrival time of the body in advance in order to coordinate with the airport.
  • The mission sends the documents of the deceased by diplomatic pouch, including copy of passport, copy of death certificate and copy of death report (and any other documents).

Service Center

Qatari mission abroad.

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