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Apply to Write Off Commercial Agency

  • Topics : Business and Finance, Visas and Official Documents
  • Audience : Business

This service allows those who have the right to deal with commercial agencies to apply online to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to write off a commercial agency.

Online Instructions

  • Login to the e-Investor Services.
  • Fill in the online form, entering all the required information.

Attach the following documents:

  • A collective approval by partners to write off the agency, or the owner's approval to write off the agency if the commercial agent is an individual institution.
  • A commercial agency cancellation certificate form signed by all partners/owner.
  • Pay the appropriate fees, and print the commercial agency cancellation certificate.

Offline Instructions

  • Visit the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) premises.
  • Fill in the paper form, and submit all the above mentioned documents.
  • Pay appropriate fees.

Service Center

MOCI premises in Lusail City (Check Google Maps).

Additional Information

  • This service is available around the clock.
  • In case of applying online, you have to visit the ministry to verify the original documents.
  • The applicant must be one of the partners or authorized signatories who have the authority to deal with commercial agencies in the commercial register.
  • The commercial register must be valid and not confiscated, and the commercial agency to be written off mustn't be confiscated or written off.
  • You may select one or more commercial agencies, but it is not allowed to select all valid agencies in the register, i.e. at least one agency must remain in the register.


QR 1000 for each commercial agency.

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