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Fill out the required information and print the paper form.

Offline Services

Request Airport Entry Permit

  • Topics : Business and Finance, Visas and Official Documents
  • Audience : Government, Business

An airport entry card is granted to the staff of Hamad International Airport (HIA) and anyone who has direct business in HIA. The permit is also given to ministries, agencies, institutions and companies contracting with HIA management to execute a specific job.

Offline Instructions

  • Fill in the application form by entering all the required information, then print it out and submit it to the Ministry of Interior (MOI).

Attach the following documents:

  • For Qataris: Copy of QID
  • For residents: Copy of passport and residence permit
  • Recent personal photo
  • Letter from the employer


  • Applicable fees are as follows and paid via a credit card:
  • Permit for one day: QR10
  • Permit for one month: QR50
  • Permit for one year: QR300

Additional Information

  • Seal and signature of the authorized person is based on the establishment card issued by the Expatriates Affairs Department.
  • If an annual or certain permit is required, a personal number shall be obtained.
  • In case the personal number is not provided, a nominal one will be issued to the applicant in accordance with his official documents as in the cases of visitors, GCC nationals and travel document holders. This process is to be completed by means of the competent employee.
  • All companies working in HIA premises are responsible for the permits of their staff in case they are lost or misused.
  • The reviewer shall be legally responsible for the delay of the service if the provided information is incorrect.
  • You can check this service information on MOI website.

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