Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Government of the State of Qatar has been exerting extensive efforts to develop and spread communication and information technology throughout the country aiming to transform Qatar into a vibrant knowledge-based society, with safe and efficient e-services available at a fingertip to all sectors of the society, including citizens, residents, visitors and other business entities ("User"). These e-services are available at affordable cost in a short time and through multiple channels.

Qatar’s Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC), through its administrative unit for information technology (the "Administrative Unit") designed and developed an online e-government portal named ("Hukoomi"). Hukoomi allows the provision of various e-government services to the government, the private sector and the public at large. The portal enables better service delivery and processing of advanced transactions for commercial and industrial businesses, as well as allowing individuals to obtain the required information and services on self-service basis through more efficient and accurate government management. As for the government, the portal facilitates intra-departmental coordination and improves , performance to benefit from government services at lower cost and less effort.

The terms of use set forth below ("Terms of Use") govern User's access to Hukoomi to be acquainted with and to use all information, documents and e-services available therein, in all forms and shapes, and to distribute, save and process such data and carry out all other related transactions.

Accessing and Using the Portal

User may access Hukoomi to be acquainted with and to use available services, taking into consideration that some sections/e-services in the portal cannot be accessed unless User enters User’s personal data.

User acknowledges that data and information that User enters in such sections (if required) is complete and accurate and that User shall not attempt to access the portal using another person’s name or identity. User undertakes full liability for all provided data and information to access the portal and use it.

Important Notice

By accessing Hukoomi, browsing its contents or making any transactions therein, User has pre-agreed and accepted to be bound by all the following terms and conditions without any objection.

Service Specific Conditions

Concerned government entities provide their services to the User in accordance with their own standard agreements (“Service Specific Conditions”), which are based on the nature of respective service and include the specific conditions governing the provision of such services. Service Specific Conditions are disseminated to targeted community groups. Government entities must include, in Service Specific Conditions, terms that are derived from, and compatible with, these Terms of Use, provided that this does not result in compromising the safety, security and validity of the services provided and User’s data.

Data Compatibility

User is solely liable for the validity and correctness of the data provided by the User (if such data is required) and for guaranteeing its compatibility and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, the Service Specific Conditions and the Terms of Use.

The Administrative Unit of Hukoomi portal and the other concerned government entities reserve the right to examine User’s data to ensure its compatibility and compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in the State of Qatar, the Service Specific Conditions and these Terms of Use. Each government entity shall be responsible for ensuring User’s abidance by the said conditions.

Hukoomi Approved Security Standards

All media, devices, programs and systems employed by User to save, process or transmit data and the like must be compatible with Hukoomi’s approved security standards. User shall apply, whenever applicable, appropriate measures to ensure the validity and integrity of this data and to prevent any unauthorized access to, or use of, such data.

Hukoomi shall have the right to process, transmit or save data in Qatar or any other country if saving of such data so requires.

By using the available services, the User shall be considered as agreeing and accepting such processing of data by Hukoomi and other concerned government entities.


Confidential information that may be acquired by the Administrative Unit, the concerned government entities or the User from each other when executing these Terms of Use, shall not be disclosed by receiver of such information except to its subordinates, agents or professional advisors, who need to know such information.

The receiver of confidential information guarantees that those individuals will use such information only to exercise those rights and to perform those duties entrusted to them and shall exercise due care to maintain and preserve the confidentiality of such information.

Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary in the Terms of Use, the receiver of confidential information may disclose such information to the extent required by the laws of the State of Qatar or judicial rulings issued to this effect.

MOTC shall have the right to seek compensations from the User for any damage it incurs as a result of the User’s failure to comply with its obligations in respect of confidential information acquired by User in the course of using the portal, without prejudice to MOTC's right to block Users’ access to, and use of, the portal.