Frequently asked questions

Is the entry permit mandatory to enter the State of Qatar?

Who is authorized to apply for an entry permit? Can residents apply for entry permit themselves?

When can I apply for an entry permit application?

How can I get a copy of the entry permit?

How can I track my application?

How long is the validity of the permit?

What happens if the permit expires? Can I still renew it and how?

What happens if my Qatari Residence Permit was expired? Do I qualify for an entry permit?

What documents do I need to bring with me?

What are the countries classified as low-risk?

Can the entry permit application be rejected?

Is the permit holder required to present the permit at Qatar airport?

If I obtained an entry permit, could I bring my family without a permit?

Can I apply for an entry permit for my family, given that I am a resident located in the State of Qatar?

Can the employer submit an entry permit application to several residents through a single application?

Can I apply for an entry permit for my wife, given that she is under her work sponsorship?

If an entry permit application is rejected, can I apply again?