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Digital Projects

Qatar Digital Government Success Stories

Government entities and ministries across the country have joined together to accelerate digital government initiatives to make Qatar’s government more efficient, effective, accessible, and customer-centric.

They have been striving to provide more information and services online, automate their own processes to provide value to customers, and create more interactive relationships with the individuals and institutions they serve.

Building on the progress made over the past years, Qatar Digital Government (QDG) has been better serving individuals and businesses, creating efficiency in government administration, and developing a more open government with enhanced participation of citizens and residents.

Below is a list of some of QDG success stories:

1-Clinical Information System (CIS) Implementation

2-Mada - Assistive Technology Center Qatar

3-Better Connections

4-Acceleration of Digital Effectiveness to Grow Businesses

5-Government Media Analysis Service

6-Open Data Policy and Portal

7-Single Window

8-Qatar Government Contract Center

9-Electronic Labor Contract Management System

10-Centralized Connectivity in the Schools’ Network

11-National Digitization Project


13-Safe Space

14-Improving Students through Effective Education

For more information, you can check the detailed document of QDG success stories.