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The “Solar Power Plant” Construction Contract to be Singed Today

  • Audience : Government, Individuals, Business
  • Source : Al Watan Newspaper
  • Topic : Education and Training, Environment and Agriculture, Communications and IT, Culture, Arts and Media, Business and Finance
  • Date : Jan 19, 2020

A ceremony hosted today by the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation "KAHRAMAA", will witness, the signing of constructions contracts of the first solar power plant for electricity production, using Photovoltaic technology, on an area of 10 square kilometers. The tender was closed in July 2019, where KAHRAMAA received five offers from international bidders from France, Japan, South Korea and China, which shows the strength and attractiveness of the Qatari market and the interest of international companies in participating.

The estimated capacity of solar power on the earth is about 700-800 megawatts, 350 megawatts will be connected to the network in the first quarter of 2021. The commercial operation of the total capacity will start in the first quarter of 2022, in order to achieve the strategic goal announced in the National Development Strategy 2018-2022, to produce of 200 megawatts from solar energy during the current year.

In October 2019, KAHRAMAA announced the completion of the rehabilitation of 16 of the world's leading companies in the construction and development of solar energy stations, which comes as part of its plans to diversify the sources of electric energy production and increase the proportion of renewable energy.