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QU Excelled to the Finalists for Times Higher Education Award Asia

  • Audience : Government, Individuals
  • Source : Qatar University
  • Topic : Education and Training, Health
  • Date : Sep 29, 2020

On Saturday, 26 September 2020, the Empower Generation Consortium (EGC) at Qatar University (QU) has been informed that it excelled to the finalist for Times Higher Education (THE) Asia under the category "The Students Recruitment Campaign of Asia." The project has been nominated among more than 200 participants for the year 2020. 

On this occasion, Dr. Asmaa Al Thani, the Professor of Virology and the founder member of EGC, has stated: "The consortium's vision is focused on empowering Qatari generations in many professional fields in the health sector. This is because this consortium is regarded as a unique model for high-impact collaborative projects that highlight the effective and pioneering role of QU in evaluating the occupational demands of the health sector in the State of Qatar and meeting these demands. This also includes developing long-term solutions by empowering this pioneering generation, thus enhancing the pioneering experience and transmitting it to Qatari generations to come." 

Ms. Rasha Abu-Al-Ruz, operating team member of the EGC at QU, said: "The consortium operates three educational projects: Science Education and Human Health Activities (SEHHA), Qatar Scientists in BioDiversity (QSBD) and Genomics and Precision Medicine (GPM). Each project has competency scheme from 1 to 4. The consortium system also facilitates the real interaction of school students with university professors and researchers, as well as meeting their role models in various areas of researches and health and providing valuable chances for hands-on training."

It is worth mentioning that the EGC has been sponsored formerly by Sidra Medicine and currently by Qatar Biobank and Qatar Genome.

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