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Qatar Chamber Gets ISO Certification for Information Security

  • Audience : Government, Business
  • Source : Qatar Tribune, Al Arab Newspaper
  • Topic : Communications and IT, Business and Finance
  • Date : July 13, 2020

Qatar Chamber (QC) announced that it has received the (ISO 27001:2013) certification, developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This follows the application of the latest international standards in the field of management, information security and risk assessment.

QC noted that this certificate is one of the most widely accepted standards of information security globally, and is widely recognized as providing the institutions with a model for operating, implementing, monitoring and improving the ISMS. Information security standards are not limited to communications and technology only, but include all administrative transactions.

The Chamber also confirmed that obtaining the certificate came after confirming the implementation of a set of practices and controls for information security systems, and checking the durability and quality of its information security risk assessment criteria.

QC Director-General Saleh bin Hamad Al Sharqi said that awarding of the certificate emphasized the chamber’s interest in developing its information security management system. He noted that this certificate is a world-recognized and international best practice standard in this important field.

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