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Online Platform to Re-employ Skilled Workers in the Qatari Market

  • Audience : Business
  • Source : Qatar Tribune, Al Sharq Newspaper
  • Topic : Employment and Workplace
  • Date : July 06, 2020

In cooperation with the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, Qatar Chamber has launched an online platform with a view to facilitating the re-employment of skilled laborers in the local market.

The platform will be available via the Chamber’s website to enable companies to reveal their laid-off employees or workers through filling dedicated forms for each employee or worker and attaching the required documents.

The agreement to develop this platform for the private sector came during a meeting of the joint coordination committee between the Ministry and the Chamber, and within the continuous coordination through the joint committee.

In a press statement, Mr. Saleh bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Qatar Chamber’s Director General, said that the platform aims to provide the opportunity for companies seeking to hire new laborers to contract with the laid-off employees due to the repercussions of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, highlighting that it allows firms seeking to hire new workers to choose appropriate laborers for the jobs they offer according to the required professions.

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