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Nomination for the 14th Education Excellence Award to Be Open From 1 October

  • Audience : Government, Individuals
  • Source : The Peninsula, Al Sharq Newspaper
  • Topic : Education and Training
  • Date : Sep 30, 2020

The Organizing Committee of the Education Excellence Award has announced the opening of the nomination period for the award in its 14th session of 2021, starting from tomorrow, Thursday, 1 October 2020. Receiving of applications for candidacy will continue until 29 October 2020.

The Committee said that the submission would be made electronically via the website of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, coinciding with the date of receiving the applications. The Committee noted that all evidence and forms for the award have been updated in its 14th session. Please check the Ministry's website link that explains the nature of these updates. 

The award includes nine categories: The academic excellence award for primary school students, the scientific excellence award for preparatory school students, the scientific excellence award for those with secondary school certificates, the scientific excellence award for university graduates, the scientific excellence award for master's degree holders, and the scientific excellence award for holders of a doctoral degree, the distinguished teacher award, the distinguished school award and the distinguished scientific research award.  

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