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MOTC Opens Registration for "Qatar Threat Hunters 2020" Competition

  • Audience : Individuals
  • Source : Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC)
  • Topic : Communications and IT
  • Date : July 29, 2020

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) in cooperation with the ITU-Arab Regional Cybersecurity Center (ARCC) has opened the registration for "Qatar Threat Hunters 2020" competition.

MOTC is inviting all those who are interested in information security and those who have unique skills of detecting security threats to join the competition. Registration is available at: until August 25, 2020. The competition is open for youth in the age group 17-24 and youth who are 24 years old and above.

The three winners from Qatar Threat Hunters 2020 competition from each age group will be nominated to participate and represent Qatar at the 3rd edition of the Regional Threat Hunters 2020, organized by ITU-ARCC in partnership with Silensec.

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