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MOTC Calls for Participating in World Summit Awards 2020

  • Audience : Individuals, Business
  • Source : Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC)
  • Topic : Communications and IT
  • Date : June 29, 2020

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) announced yesterday opening applications for the World Summit Awards (WSA) 2020 locally. MOTC invited all companies, institutions and individuals in the State of Qatar to participate in the competition, submit their best digital content applications to compete in award categories, and represent the State of Qatar at the world level. The Ministry pointed out that it would accept the award applications at the national level until 16 July 2020.

WSA 2020 includes eight categories: Government entities and citizens, health and well-being, environment and green energy, business and commerce, learning and education, culture and tourism, urbanization and smart communities, and inclusion and empowerment.

MOTC stated that those wishing to participate in the national competition of WSA 2020 should submit information and details of their activities to the Ministry via email address

A local jury, chaired by the official national expert for WSA in Qatar, Ms. Reem Al Mansoori, Assistant Undersecretary of Digital Society Development Affairs at MOTC, will assess the submissions made by the State of Qatar and select one qualified project for each category to represent the State of Qatar at the global level, provided that no more than two years have passed on the production of submitted activities (after January 1, 2018) while applying for the Awards.

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