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MOTC: Agreements with Global Tech Companies Aim to Speed up Digital Transformation

  • Audience : Government
  • Source : Al Sharq Newspaper
  • Topic : Communications and IT
  • Date : June 28, 2020

Ms. Mashael Al Hammadi, Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Information Technology Affairs at the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC), said that MOTC is specialized in concluding framework agreements with global technology companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, and other global companies. She explained that these agreements aim to accelerate digital transformation and develop government services, in an attempt to achieve efficiency in the activities of government entities.

Al Hammadi added that with concluding these agreements, MOTC would save the time, effort and money for various government entities, by providing all licenses and software that they need, as well as training and preparing staff on how to use these modern technologies.

She also said: "MOTC provides all necessary technologies and infrastructure upon which the shared government services have been built to support the remote work in all sectors of the country, thus serving citizens and residents."

Al Hammadi highlighted that there has been a prior developed plan to deal with disasters and crises around the beginning of the launch of E-Government activities. She also noted that the plan contains several specialized work teams affiliated with various government entities that help remote work and ensure business continuity with the same level of efficiency and effectiveness, particularly given those circumstances.