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MoJ Announces Restructuring Online Services

  • Audience : Individuals, Business
  • Source : Al Watan Newspaper
  • Topic : Religion and Community, Business and Finance
  • Date : July 07, 2020

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has announced receiving 500 phone calls during the first week of July 2020, which included inquiries for online services, legal consultations and following up on the processing of some transactions.

MoJ is preparing the technological infrastructure, restructuring many online services and launching new online services, something that contributes to making it easy for customers to obtain many online services currently. This move has come in line with the digital transformation plan approved by the Ministry to embody the directions of the wise leadership in order to bring services closer to citizens and make it easy to obtain them. Moreover, the move has come within the framework of the MoJ keeping pace with the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030, and the plans and strategies of Qatar Digital Government 2020. These plans and strategies seek to enable the public members, including citizens and residents, to have access to various government services, according to the most updated standards of safety and high quality, including providing the appropriate environment for businesses and private corporations so that they would manage to register and practice business activities more easily and quickly.

According to the plan to restructure online services via SAK project, and supporting services provided by legal notaries at the Ministry's service centers, 164 online services have been provided. These services are completed and available through various digital platforms affiliated with MoJ, whether they are via the e-portal, the comprehensive employee system, or smart devices (tablets and mobile phones). These services include authentication services, whether they are related to powers of attorney, attestations, or inquiries for legal documents, and the total number of these services is 94 authentication services.