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MOEHE Decides to Give Parents Option Between Blended or Distance Learning

  • Audience : Individuals
  • Source : Al Raya Newspaper
  • Topic : Education and Training, Religion and Community, Health
  • Date : Sep 15, 2020

Mr. Mohammed Al Bishri, Director of Public Relations and Communication at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE), has said that based on the daily evaluation of the blended education since backing to schools at the beginning of this month, and direct and continuous coordination with the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), MOEHE has decided to continue implementing the blended learning system. This happens while maintaining the occupancy rate, which is 30% and continuing to implement the accompanying precautionary measures, as he said.

Mr. Al Bishri added that MOEHE has also decided, starting from next week, to give parents an option between continuing in the blended learning path or switching to completely distance learning to control attendance and explanation mechanisms within the classroom. This is also with emphasizing the need for students to attend and the need to monitor absence days, whether in blended learning or distance learning, and emphasizing the compulsory attendance of students at examinations. 

Mr. Al Bishri went on to say that the Ministry would like to highlight some important points. These points are that community members should take caution and vigilance and apply precautionary measures and social distancing in daily life in order to protect themselves and their families and also to ensure the continuation of the educational process without obstacles. This also includes emphasizing that the school environment is safer. He pointed out that with investigating infections which have appeared in some schools and classes through the protocols approved by the MOPH, it has become clear that they have occurred outside these schools and that the infected persons have caused the transmission of infection to the school community.