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MME Announces the Start of Phase 3 of Registration for Camping Today

  • Audience : Individuals
  • Source : Al Raya Newspaper
  • Topic : Environment and Agriculture, Tourism, Sports and Recreation, Religion and Community
  • Date : Oct 18, 2020

Phase 3 of booking winter camps for the winter camping season 2020-2021 will begin today, Sunday, 18 October 2020, at 09:00 AM for 11 areas. These areas include Rawdat Rashed, Rawdat Aisha, Al Khor, Al Waab, Imgaitna, Al Otouryah, Al Sane'ah, Al Rees West, Ras Al Nouf, Al Ghariyah and Al Mufair. Camping season in these areas will begin this Tuesday, 20 October 2020 and conclude on 8 April 2021.   

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) has prescribed 3,000 Qatari Riyal as registration charges for camping in Rawdat Rashed, Rawdat Aisha, Al Khor, Al Waab, Imgaitna, Otouryah, Al Sane'ah, and Al Rees West. MME added that prescribed charges for Ras Al Nouf, Al Ghariyah and Al Mufair would be 10,000 Qatar Riyal, in addition to 10,000 Qatari Riyal as refundable security money. 

In other context, MME, via its social media platforms, has called upon the public to report on any encroachments on the environment in wild areas by dialing the unified contact number (184).