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MME Announces Launching Evening Service to Ease Burden on Customers

  • Audience : Government, Individuals
  • Source : Al Sharq Newspaper
  • Topic : Environment and Agriculture, Religion and Community, Employment and Workplace
  • Date : Oct 19, 2020

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) has announced launching evening service at the customer service office in the urban planning sector to receive customers, from 04:00 PM until 07:00 PM on Tuesday only every week as a preliminary stage to provide the urban planning sector's services. 

The Ministry, in its official Twitter account, said that the extension of service timings for additional days and hours would be considered as necessary.   

MME added that launching this service comes in implementation of the instructions of HE the Minister of Municipality and Environment toward developing work systems and mechanisms and improving the level of services provided for citizens. MME also said that this comes as part of the constant endeavors of the Ministry to ease the task of service requesters with their various segments in order to acquire the required services and speed up the completion of associated transactions. 

MME also noted that the evening service aims at easing the burden on customers who find it difficult to follow up on their transactions during the morning since they have their engagements. The Ministry added that the service also aimed at working on reducing the numbers of customers coming to the sector departments during the official working hours, and therefore this will reduce stress at work facing employees and enable them to devote themselves to getting their tasks done much more easily.