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QU Opens Applications for Financial Aid on the 16th this Month

  • Audience : Individuals
  • Source : Al Sharq Newspaper
  • Topic : Education and Training
  • Date : Aug 12, 2020

Qatar University (QU) has announced the opening of applications for student financial aid for the fall of 2020, during the period from 16 to 27 August 2020. The applications will be provided in three phases,  the first phase will include applications for monthly aid services, exemption from transportation fees, emergency aid, and financial aid programs that are supported by external institutions such as Education Above All, Jassim and Hammad bin Jassim Charity Foundation, and NAMA Center.

The second phase of providing the aids will be available during the period from 24 to 6 September 2020. In this phase, requests for financial assistance will be received for monthly assistance services, exemption from transportation fees, emergency assistance, and the payment of tuition and university housing fees supported by Qatar University. The third and final phase will be during the period from 22 to 4 October 2020.

QU provides six types of financial aid, which are monthly financial aid, tuition fees, exemption from transportation fees, payment of university housing fees, emergency aid and requests for external support aid.