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“Traditional Architecture in the MENA Region” Training Course

  • Date : 29 Nov 2020 To 01 Dec 2020
  • Venue: Online via VoiceBoxer
  • Organizer: Qatar National Library
“Traditional Architecture in the MENA Region” Training Course

Qatar National Library (QNL) calls on architects, researchers, and those interested in sustainable architecture to join a training course titled “Traditional Architecture in the MENA Region: Responses to Climatic Constraints and Comfort Needs.”

This training course particularly focuses on questions of definition, the relationship between the site and local materials, various urban archetypes and methods and techniques helping in providing comfort for inhabitants.

This training course will be held between from 4.00 - 6.00pm in both Arabic and English languages remotely via the VoiceBoxer platform.

Note: Seats are limited. You can register here.

For more information, please visit the course's information page.