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Residence Permit and QID

Residence Permit Renewal

Legal stay in the country is correlated to the validity of one’s residence permit (RP).

Therefore, employers and residents should renew the residence permit before expiry, including residence permits of dependents of family members,to avoid any violation of the state laws.

Need to Carry ID Card

The Qatar Identification Card (QID) is the only document to prove legal residency in the State of Qatar, so it should be presented immediately when asked by the concerned authorities as proof of legal residency. In addition, residents travelling out of the country should carry their QID with them and show it to the staff of passport control at the points of entry when you travel out/in of the country.

Renew or Change Passport

Following the cancelation of residence permit sticker on passports in Qatar, and replacing that with QID as the sole proof of legal residency in the country, you now need to bring your passport to our service center to renew your QID. Renewal of residency is based on the renewal of QID.

In case you renew or change your passport, you need to visit our service center to update your information accordingly.