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Exit Permits

Qatar law requires residents to obtain exit permits upon the approval of the employers’, in order to leave the country. This is available 24/7 through the official channels of electronic services by the Ministry of Interior (MoI), or through service centers.

National legislature took into consideration the situations when the exit permit cannot be obtained for reasons such as the absence of an authorized person to approve, or for failing to approve. Residents need to obtain a certificate from the court that there are no obligations or claims to your employer, to officially announce leaving the country in two weekly newspapers, and apply for an exit permit from the Ministry of Interior. You can also get a guarantor in the case of a claim to your employer.

In addition, note that with the implementation of the new law to enter and exit the country, there will be many new regulations, especially about residency due to cancelation of the sponsorship system, changing employers, and exiting the country. Hukoomi will be updated to include any new information regarding the implications of the new law.