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Healthcare and Medical Services

Your well being is very important for you, your work and your family. You should pay close attention to your health, especially if your work is physically demanding.

This means following the safety rules outlined by your employer, taking all safety measures at your workplace, and refraining from involving yourself in uncontrollable hazardous situations. If you are working in an outdoor space, you should only work during your allocated hours and limit your exposure to sunlight under extreme temperatures during the summer season. To remain healthy you are advised to take care of your diet, eat well-cooked food, consume clean fruit and vegetables, make sure you drink plenty of water, and get enough hours of sleep.

As a worker in Qatar, you must also understand that you are entitled to have a health card. This health card enables you to access centralized healthcare services provided by the government in specific locations such as Hamad Hospital Emergency Department.

According to the Labor Law, the employer shall also take the measures, which guarantee the securing of hygiene and good ventilation in the places of work, and shall provide suitable lighting and potable water for drinking and cleanliness and drainage systems, in accordance with the regulations and decisions to be issued by the competent authorities in this regard.

Moreover, the employer who employs a number of workers ranging from five to twenty-five, shall prepare for them a first aid box supplied with the medicines, tools and equipment to be specified by the competent medical authority. The box shall be placed in a conspicuous location in the establishment and close to the hands of the workers. The use of the box shall be entrusted to a worker trained in providing medical first aid.

If the number of the workers exceeds twenty-five, a box shall be allotted for each group of a number ranging from five to twenty-five workers. If the number of the workers of the establishment exceeds one hundred, the employer shall appoint a full-time medical nurse in the establishment in addition to the first aid boxes.

If the number of the workers in the establishment exceeds five hundred, the employer shall arrange for them a clinic wherein at least one physician and medical nurse shall be employed.