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Customer Service

Customer Service

The Government Contact Center offers 24-hour customer service to citizens and residents. It is the point of contact for all government e-service related inquiries. If you experience any difficulty in accessing Hukoomi e-services, or have questions about your transactions, please contact the center by phone, e-mail, or submit an electronic support ticket.

Contact Center

The Contact Center can be reached via telephone at 109 (inside Qatar), 44069999 or by fax at 44069998 or live chat. The e-mail address is

Alternatively, you may also submit your inquiry electronically through our online support ticket system. Simply fill out the form and hit “Send.” You’ll be given a ticket number, which you can enter to query later.

Service Center

The Contact Center should be your first point of contact for all issues related to Hukoomi e-services. However, if you require further help, you may visit our Service Center.

The Service Center offers orientations, self service stations and one-on-one instructions on how to use Hukoomi. Visit the ground floor of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) in Al Nasr Tower to speak with a representative. Al Nasr Tower is located on the Corniche, next to the Commercial Bank and across the General Postal Corporation headquarters