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About Hukoomi

About Hukoomi

The role of Qatar Official e-Government Portal, Hukoomi, is to make government information and services more efficient and effective in order to be accessible to all citizens, residents, visitors and businesses. It also aims at raising awareness on the public programs, events, news and government initiatives, in line with the objectives defined by Qatar e-Government 2020 Strategy.

Through cooperation with the government entities and public service providers, Hukoomi portal allows users to access information and services online, easily and quickly. The portal provides a number of important e-services, as well as official documents, service application forms and general information.

The development of the e-government performance in Qatar, aided by Hukoomi, has contributed positively to delivering exceptional achievements. Qatar ranks fourth worldwide with regard to the government usage of ICT, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report 2014.

about hukoomi

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about hukoomi

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