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Offline Services

Redeem Abandoned Vehicles

  • Topics : Transportation
  • Audience : Individuals, Business

Citizens, individuals and institutions may request to redeem the abandoned vehicles that have been taken to the junk unit. The section’s records are then checked to provide feedback to the owner.

Offline Instructions

  • Submit the following documents:
  • ID card of vehicle owner.
  • Vehicle registration documents (vehicle license or certificate from Traffic Department)
  • Official authorization letter from vehicle owner (in case of representatives or companies’ vehicles).
  • ID card of person receiving the vehicle (in case of representatives or companies’ vehicles).
  • Copy of establishment ID (in case of company-owned vehicle).
  • Pay appropriate fees.
  • Sign Vehicle Receiving Acknowledgement.

Service Center

Transportation Section Offices of the Mechanical Equipment Department.

Additional Information

  • The Ministry of Municipality and Environment clarifies on its website the process plan of the service in detail and in the form of a work plan.
  • You can also verify a vehicle’s location by calling the Transportation Section.
  • This service requires two days to be completed.


Applicable towing fees are as follows:

  • QR500 for saloon vehicles.
  • QR800 for heavy vehicles.
  • QR2,000 for heavy duty equipment.

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