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Fill out the required information to get a schedule for your child’s vaccinations.

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Baby Immunization Schedule

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Immunizations protect children from preventable illnesses, and the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH ) offers several vaccines that are given at an early age. Each vaccine has a specific timing to ensure its effectiveness.

Immunization Online Schedule

  • Enter name and birth date of your child.
  • Click “Search”.

Immunization Status

Enter the HMC/HC number, the PHC number or the QID number of your child to inquire about his/her immunization status.

Immunization Schedule and Centers

You may view the baby immunization schedule and a list of the immunization centers on the MoPH website.

Additional Information

  • You should be aware of the exact date of each vaccine in order not to be late for any vaccination. It is important to understand the importance of timely vaccinations to protect your child from life-threatening diseases.
  • The green card for vaccinations of children has been laid off and the Primary Health Care Corporation has issued an improved booklet that includes all the information related to child health. This booklet is available in all health centers, and customers can get it from the health center where they are registered.
  • The State of Qatar orders its vaccines only from countries recommended by the World Health Organization.

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