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Hukoomi Blog Contest
Byadmin   ,   Aug 05 2013 00:00
The features of celebrating Eid in Qatar are numerous and varied and are all characterized by joy and happiness, marking the conclusion of the holy month of fasting and blessing. People express their happiness on this occasion in many and different forms and with various rituals. We have published earlier in this link a topic on the varied ways for celebrating Eid in our beloved Qatar. We would like to receive here your contribution and views about Eid in the past and at present.
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Enhancing Islamic Services in e-Government
Byblog_admin   ,   Aug 01 2013 00:00

 A prime objective of e-government is to provide new and useful electronic services that, on the one hand, help the public in the varying fields of life, and, on the other hand, save them the trouble of having to wait for long hours in long queues to complete their transactions. In this manner, e-government has become an incubator of services.

As we are in the holy month of Ramadan, it is worth mentioning that several Islamic services offered by government auth
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Discover Qatar with Hukoomi
Byblog_admin   ,   May 22 2013 00:00
The State of Qatar has transformed into a top-notch tourist destination lately. Tourists from all over the world visit Qatar to enjoy its lively and varied tourist attractions. Qatar has always welcomed its visitors from all different parts of the world. Our valued visitors may need to be informed about the various services provided Hukoomi portal. Here are some of the unique electronic services, and a guide on how to use each of these services, offered by Hukoomi portal: Taxi Se
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