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Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning

The Ministry of Municipality & Urban Planning serves the public in all issues related to urban planning. It oversees the maintenance and beautification of public facilities, and provides municipal services to citizens and residents across the various municipalities.


The ministry aims to contribute to the progress and overall development of the nation -- in support of the Qatar National Vision 2030 -- through the preparing and formulating plans, ideas, future projects and the required training.


The ministry’s responsibilities and goals include:

  • Propose and prepare urban planning at the state level and supervise its execution in coordination with competent authorities.
  • Oversee the survey of lands and its divisions; prepare survey plans for the state; manage state property; and manage the provision and allocation of land as required by the government bodies.
  • Study recommendations made by the Central Municipal Council and take an appropriate decision.
  • Carry out the expropriation of property and any temporary seizure.
  • Propose and implement municipal projects, including buildings, parks and landscapes.
  • Supervise the construction and planning of buildings.
  • Prepare and implement sanitation systems and programs.
  • Supervise the practices of engineering professions.
  • Supervise grave yards and services related to the deceased.
  • Monitor food quality and hygiene.
  • Provide pest control.
  • Carry out road maintenance.
  • Issue building permits and business licenses and advertising.
  • Oversee the establishment of gardens and public parks.





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