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Ministry of Economy and Commerce

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) creates commercial policy for both private and public sectors in order to boost regional and international trade relations and support the development of businesses across the country.

The Ministry maintains four departments and sections:

  • Commercial Registration Section
  • Commercial Agents Section
  • Industrial Property Rights Section
  • Price Control Section


The ministry aims to build a system of free trade and sustainable growth within Qatar. With this system, it aims to make Qatar a key player in the international business community.


MEC’s responsibilities and goals include:

  • Plan for future urbanization.
  • Integrate Qatar into the international business community.
  • Support and promote local and foreign investment.
  • Promote the employment of Qataris, particularly in the private sector.
  • Upgrade the ministry to make it as competent as possible and thus capable of providing valuable services.



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