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About Hukoomi

Hukoomi is the Qatar Government Portal, the official gateway to information about the State of Qatar. It connects you with government services, programs, events and initiatives.

Through cooperation with government agencies and public service providers, a new Hukoomi has emerged to make online information more readily available at your finger tips. The portal hosts a number of important e-services, as well as government documents, service application forms and general information.

Single Sign-on Solution

The single sign-on solution gives you access to all government e-services with one simple login. The Smart Card provides a secure, integrated system of user authentication across all e-government platforms, including:

National Payment Gateway

Making payments online is easy through Hukoomi's national payment gateway, which serves as a single revenue channel for the whole government.  

Multiple Platforms

In addition to Hukoomi's main portal and the many MOI self-service machines located across Doha, you can also access your favorite e-services through the Hukoomi mobile application or mobile portal. The mobile application works on all java-enabled smart phones, while the mobile portal can be accessed through any mobile web browser.

As a fully bilingual portal, Hukoomi is accessible through the following English and Arabic web addresses:

  •  حكومي.قطر
  • حكومة.قطر

The portal is updated regularly, not only to reflect ongoing changes in the country, but also improve its usability. Please tell us what you think by visiting our feedback page.